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Sorry not ppp but I just need to talk to someone. I have been gambling a lot recently. But I feel so low now as i had a win today £300 then gambled away £200 of it trying to win more 😩 I have just told my hubby as it’s really peeing me off. I keep doing this tho. Every time I win I always keep playing and lose it all. Sorry just needed to tell someone as I really feel like crap now 😩

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Hello Bumblebeeee,

I am not familiar with gambling, but I believe the realisation of knowing that you are doing this may help you to re-direct; trying to find something which can stop you from getting drawn to the gaming again such as watching episodes/film on Netflix, exercising, planting and potting, colouring in, making stuff, learning meditation, enrol into an online course, whatever takes your fancy...

With our present situation, where people have to be in isolation or social distancing we may fall into habits we probably dislike in the future. Mental health conditions will increase in my opinion, because unprecedented times is something human nature can find quite unsettling. Subsequently this could lead to addictions or intensifies "bad habits". Strangely enough I also believe the birth rate will increase quite drastically :-)

If you feel you have an addictive streak for gambling it maybe worthwhile to find online support. It is always good to communicate about it.

My son is already nine and now with home schooling I feel quite dedicated to offering him holistic Education for his creative mind. In a sense my home and my son is my little bubble and strangely enough I manage to sleep 6-7 hours for the last two weeks, considering that I struggle with Insomnia. My days are extremely busy with a strict routine and somehow that suits my bipolar.

Do take care of yourself and stay safe, bye for now- my son is awake !



Dear Bumblebeeee,

You have taken the first step and reached out to both your husband and this brilliant support group. Realising this is impacting your life and causing you to feel so low will, I hope, be the turning point.

These strange times when we are unable to meet with family and friends and go about our usual routines is changing how we spend our days and leading us perhaps to activities we wouldn't usually do. Maybe you could challenge yourself with an online game that doesn't involve real money or perhaps colouring, they sell some beautiful intricate colouring books. I realise how much strength will be needed to conquer this but just look how far you have come. You CAN.

Sending a big virtual hug. Remember always believe in yourself.

Love 4mila x


Hi Bumblebeeee, thanks for reaching out here and also talking to your husband - it's good you have confided in those close to you too. The situation at the moment is hard for everyone, and then with recovery from PP and mental health challenges it's understandable that other things can become difficult too.

Have you look at the GA website? They have some online information and support available. Mind also have some links you might find useful: This one looks to have a lot of information and resources too:

Take care and keep talking to those around you, we are all thinking of you, xx

Hi Bumblebeee,

Well done for reaching out. Unfortunately I have lot of experience with this. I am a compulsive gambler in recovery. I really recommend checking out the gamblers anonymous website, they even have a chat section as well. I'm not suggesting you are a compulsive gambler, only you can decide that and choose to get help, but if you want to stop gambling here are some things that might help. In recovery we talk about putting barriers in place to stop gambling. So blocking access to gamble on sites/in shops, removing time to gamble like someone has suggested above - having other activities, and even blocking access to money by having someone else look after your bank cards etc. Also we say not to bet on anything, even a school raffle, because it uses the same brain chemistry and can quickly lead you back to gambling again.

It is a terrible destructive addiction that can really effect your mental health. If you feel your gambling is getting out of control, trying to tackle it early on would be so beneficial.

Take care


Hello Bumblebeeee

Good to hear from you. There have been some very good suggestions and links here so I've not much to add. I think you have already taken the first step in realising that this is a problem for you and it takes courage to ask for help.

Just as you have challenged PP, I think you need to find distractions? Perhaps you could get involved doing a short course to take you towards the goal you had in nursing?

There are free online courses at one of which is Introduction to Nursing : The role of nurses around the world. The course has been created by The Florence Nightingale Faculty of Nursing, Midwifery and Palliative Care. A short course over 4 weeks, studying for 3 hours a week. Offered as of interest to anyone looking to develop their knowledge of nursing and healthcare.

This might be something for you to consider, so that when we are allowed to socialise and return to college, you could have this experience under your belt? There are a range of different courses, e.g. psychology and mental health, a six weeks course for three hours a week, and many more different subjects.

So perhaps when you feel the urge to gamble, you might fight that feeling (although I'm sure it's very hard) and use the internet to further your career?

Believe in yourself ..... that you are going places ..... and do something that makes you more confident than gambling ever will.

Thanks for sharing ...... we are all here and understand how this crisis is impacting on our daily lives. Take care and stay safe.

Thank you so much 😊

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