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1st appointment with perinatal team


Hey ladies !

Just wanted to update you all &

Inform you that my over the phone appointment was a success. The perinatal team, are happy with how I am coping so far and plan to only intervene when I go further along in the pregnancy or if I became distressed. They were very supportive and informative; which allowed me to feel comfortable and not judged in any shape or form.


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Hi Butterfly93

That’s great news, glad it went well :)

Take care x

Thanks Jenny xx


That's good Butterfly93 ... I hope you feel reassured. I imagine you will have regular reviews with your GP too but the perinatal team will be a good support until your baby is one. I hope the reaction of your in-laws hasn't made you feel that you might be judged?

Try not to worry and rest as much as you can ... as you say, your daughter will be over the moon :) Xx

Thanks Lilybeth, I do feel reassured, yes I’ll will be having reviews with my Gp.

The reaction of my in laws did make me feel abit meh, but I’m over it now 💪🏾

Thanks hun I have been resting when I can and just taking each day as it comes, it’s like you forget how much pregnancy can take out of you xx

in reply to Butterfly93

Take care ... we are all here for you. xx

Thanks hun !

Are you on meds. How did the appointment get arranged


Hi Butterfly93

Thats great news. It makes such a difference to feel reassured and well supported.

I hope you are feeling well in yourself and not too exhausted in this stage. I remember the first pregnancy I slept non stop but 2nd and 3rd pregnancies there wasn't much time for napping!

Take Care

Teresa x

Hey T, thanks hun !

I feeling well thank god ! However I’ve also been quite tired and trying to nap when ever I get the chance lol

Plus the hubby has been like my own personal dr always checking up on me xx


Hi Butterfly93,

That is lovely that you are feeling so well looked after. One of the good things of having experienced PP is we become very in tune with our moods and bodies. I've always felt that since my PP I have been hypersensitive to my moods not being right. So its very good that we are quick to respond to when we are needing extra self care

Best Wishes to you all

T x

Hey T !

It’s so true

I always say this to my best friend I’m so in tune with my mind and body; the minute I feel something isn’t right I reach out for help or I try to relax or listen to music 🎵.

Thank you 😊

Have a blessed day xx

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