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Second Opinion.


Dear Ladies and Gents.

I have spoken to my GP today and she says that they have had a letter from the clinical director of the mental health services. She said they have recommended that I have a second opinion with Professor Ian Jones. I am now awaiting a Skype interview in a few weeks.

I will keep you posted.

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Hello Poulson

Good to hear your positive news. I had the privilege of meeting Prof Ian Jones some years ago and he was able to confirm my PP diagnoses. I'm sure the Skpe interview will be reassuring for you to move forward.

Best wishes.


Such great news! Yes, Prof. Ian Jones has been a superb professional with regards to my diagnosis and helped my partner and I to move forward and improve our quality of life.

Take care

in reply to Pikorua

Dear Pikorua.

I have been in touch with the GP and she has sent my referral to Professor Ian Jones. I have sent my Journal for Professor Jones to read.

I have been reading all day again and looking at my baby photo's again. I have been binge watching Sherlock on the TV with my husband.

I am nearly two thirds way through my journal and intend having it published when it is done.

I hope yourself and your family are very well.

Best Wishes XX

in reply to Poulson

Hello Poulson

That’s very good news that you’ve been referred to Prof Ian Jones, and that you’re making good progress with your journal.

Take good care.

Jenny x

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