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Disturbed sleep on sertraline


How long did anyone suffer the side effects of disturbed sleep. I manage a few hours with the help of a sleeping tablet otherwise I have night sweats. Then I’m wide awake from 3-4 till I wake up. Exhausted

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Hi Lisajs1011 sorry to hear you're having disturbed sleep, that's never easy. I've been on Sertraline for 4 years now but I did experience sleep disruption with it in the early days. Are you taking it in the morning or later in the day? I take mine in the morning as I find this works best for me.

I would suggest you speak to your GP as maybe they can alter your dose or talk about alternatives. Also, are there other things making you anxious in the early hours or is it just the meds? I keep a reading book by my bed for my night time wake ups, also sometimes getting out of bed for 15 minutes and changing your environment can help you get back to sleep. I hope things improve soon for you x

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I take it first thing. I’m only 10 days in and I’m 25mg. They are talking off upping it in another week or two. As soon as I wake thoughts enter my head. Worries and anything. I’m babysitting my grandson twice as from next week so anxious about that. Thank you for the reply.


Hi Lisajs1011,

some good advise from hgallo. Unfortunately I have no experience with the specific meds you've mentioned.

However, I am quite experienced with sleep disruption, because of my chronical mental health issue. When a lot of things browse through my mind, in other words when mind racing does not allow me any peace I often listen to guided meditation & spiritual programmes and other iPod casts.

Sometimes, when awake I go downstairs and paint. This helps me to wind down eventually and get tired.

In order to calm your over stimulated brain a distiller for aroma therapy is extremely useful.

If you do not want to take additional meds i.e. sleeping pills, there are loads of natural products available and quite effective. Pharmacists, but also online info will give you support and suggestion.

Reading helps, too. Anything which relaxes particularly your mind, body and soul!

Hope some of it might be useful. I often need to exercise, but also meditate regularly, because of my hyper activity.

Hope some of it maybe a compass for improving your sleep pattern :-)


I've been on it for 3 yrs but haven't had disturbed sleep because of it. I was also suffering from mania so im also on olanzapine.

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