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Police visit.


Hi ladies.

I have had a visit from the police today telling me that they are going to interview my cousin next week. They will then decide whether there is enough evidence to prosecute them both. I will keep you posted.

Best Wishes. XX

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Hi poulson

It is good that the police are keeping you updated. You are coping with a lot. I hope you are doing ok?

Take care

Ellie x

Dear Ellie.

Yes I am fine. I have spoken to my GP this morning to ask for a referral to a trauma specialist. I have got my journal ready to take with me. I have had just about enough of psychiatrists and psychologists and my family telling lies about me. I have been in touch with an insurance company who have given me £100.000 of cover for legal costs if I decide to sue the National Health Service again. I will keep you posted as to how I get on, but I have been told by my ISVA worker that if my brothers are prosecuted I will get financial restitution. Any amount of money will not take away the trauma of what I have been through. Maybe I should sue my family instead?

I have been doing my reading, I am reading a book at the moment about narcissistic mothers. When the police came the other day he saw what I was reading, he said to me, "that just about sums your mother up doesn't it?" I thought to myself, you don't know the half of it.

I will keep you posted as to how I get on X

Best Wishes

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