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Doctor on BBC 1 today.


Watching, BBC 1 today programme Doctors.... about a new mum suffering from Postpartum Psychosis , little triggery, a happy sad feeling, but so so happy to see it there in the open. Awareness is out there at last.. kinda want to cry and laugh all at the same time.

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Hi guinea1, thanks so much for pointing this out. I think we have shared a small clip on social media. It's great that they had PP in the storyline isn't it, and seem to have covered it really well, all good awareness raising :)

I hope you feel OK after watching it, it can be really difficult to watch PP related things...

Ellie X

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I agree, it stirred something in me the night I watched. But despite it I am very pleased this raises the profile of ppp, so many of us that went through it with no previous mental health history were caught so unaware when the illness struck.

Hi, I am ok, funny thing was if they had mentioned the PP beforehand, I would not have been able to watch, the gentle way it was done gradually bringing out the symptoms, which I could recognise as PP I was able to cope, it did trigger a lot of things as things are rough at the moment and yes it made me cry, but also happy as I have been stressing about awareness alot lately. It was also good showing that it can just come out of the blue like in my case, with no history of mental illness as I feel this an important part of the awareness. I feel a little calmer that things are changing for the better and has given me a little strength to more forwards a little further on my journey

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