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psychological assessments and postpartum psychosis


I believe my daughter developed postpartum psychosis after intrusive discussions with childrens services pre birth despite being logged that no psychological assessment should be completed 6 weeks prior/post birth. Where can I go for answers regarding this.

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Hi Theresa1979

Welcome to the forum. It's good you found us. I'm really sorry to hear that your daughter developed postpartum psychosis, and that you believe this happened because she was having discussions with children's services before the birth. How is your daughter now? I do hope she is OK and getting the support she needs?

I'm not sure if you live in the UK or not? If so I hope she has received support from a specialist perinatal mental health team, as there are now teams across most of the UK.

If you live in the UK, in terms of making a complaint, or raising a concern about the NHS service she received I would suggest using PALS:

Though from what you say your concern was more around children's services. In this case I think each local social services has a complaints procedure which you could use? There is some information on the citizen advice website which could be useful:

I really hope that your daughter can get the support she needs, and also that you find a way to get your concerns heard about what happened.

Take care, and I hope these links may be helpful,


That's awful the negativity of it all

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