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Discharge from Perinatal team any words of wisdom?


So the time has come, for discharge from the perinatal team the team that have been a comfort to me for the last 19 months. My psychiatrist believes my bipolar has been stable for 5 years and that I don’t actually need a psychiatrist anymore he recommended my gp prescribe my medication but they have refused say the drug is a new drug (asenapine) so I have to still see a psychiatrist to get my prescriptions as the primary care trust won’t let them prescribe it (it’s expensive so I wonder if that’s the reason). Tbh I felt nervous about not having a psychiatrist as I’ve had one for 20 years but my problem these days remains anxiety and not my actual bipolar. I’m left feeling torn that the appointments will give me support but that I also feel the appointments seem to drag up the past and when someone asks you how you are you always ruminate on your worries so I end of coming out of the appointments always chewed up thinking about how I used to be Rather than living in the present. Has anyone tried neurolinguistic programming or life coaching I was wondering about training in the course myself in order to teach myself skills and possibly eventually help other people in positive thinking everyone I’ve met who is trained in neuro linguistic programming are really positive people with a great mindset to life but my psychiatrist didn’t seem convinced as I’m not sure it’s evidence based- does anyone have any thoughts? Xx

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Hi Becciandbump,

Congratulations on being (almost!) Discharged from psych care. That's amazing after such a long time. Yes totally understandable that you'd feel anxious about it. I'm newer to the world of psych services but i had the same feeling when i was first discharged by my CPN.

I am seeing them now because I'm pregnant and this week they were saying, next time we see you you'll have a baby which has totally freaked me out! I'm anxious too and sometimes it's like the fear of becoming more anxious/ depressed/ psychotic that makes me panic about not having people around for support which i know on a thinking level is just silly- worrying about worrying- and yet so hard to stop myself doing when it's a habit of a lifetime.

That's really positive that you're thinking of training in something that could help others. Might be worth looking into different options. Maybe you could try NLP as a client first to see if you find it helpful? I've not used NLP but another option i would consider is mindfulness as that's something that i would imagine is quite easy and cheap to try yourself before training in it. I like the idea of mindfulness practises but don't get round to it often! Don't worry about evidence base. It's a doctor's job to look at the evidence base however there's limitations to that approach. Remember that when they do medication trials they give false tablets to some as placebo effect means that if people want something to work then it will work for them even if it's just a sugar tab! Which means that something not evidence based will still work for some people if they believe in it. If that makes sense... So if you believe in a particular approach then you can use it with others who also believe in it and it will benefit them.

So pleased to hear you're doing so well.

Best wishes



Thanks that’s great advice I’ve tried mindfulness and found it brilliant but when I get busy I forget to put the time in to practice it, I’m doing a meditation exercise at the moment as part of something Called ‘rewind’ that the therapist sent to me to listen to tomorrow and have my second session tomorrow. I think you are right about evidence base that something doesn’t have to be always Evidence based to work the therapist I met for the NLP is amazing I’ve been following her progress and what she has done with her NLP she’s currently set up a scheme to help children learn NLP approaches she’s been into a few schools and set up something where they can get mental health boxes or something with activities to do in it that encourage relaxation to help young people be aware of having good mental health I might have a session with her to see what it feels like but she’s been really good actually because she hasn’t pushed me to pay for it or tried to get me to try it because she knew I was already having some nhs counselling at the time but that has finished now she had just said I could try it but she thought actually the full training might really help me I thought it was nice that she was thinking of me as a person that studying it might help me practice it in more depth using it on myself rather than just trying to get me to pay to see her if that makes sense x

I know what you mean about the ‘next time I see you’ll have a baby’ comment it’s daunting but also exciting I hope you’re looking forward to meeting him/her

I feel a bit nervous about no longer having a cpn but I will still see the consultant so they can prescribe my tablets I’m assuming I’ll just see them every three months or so

Worrying about worrying is something I do too! It’s interesting to hear that this is something I’m not alone with and it’s not just me who seems to do this you are right when it’s a habit of a lifetime it’s hard to break the pattern


Hi Becciandbump

That’s really positive that you’re being discharged. It must be daunting after being under psychiatrist care for so long but it’s great you’re stable on your medication and things must be going well.

I know what you mean about being asked how you are and answering in relation to how you were ‘before’. I think looking into things like NLP and coaching is a great idea to help re-frame things a bit. I don’t know much about NLP (but think I’ll look into it having read your post and hazello’s reply :)) I think it’s wonderful that you’re thinking about it with a view to potentially helping others further down the line too.

I don’t really have any words of wisdom! I’m also one to worry about worrying and I overthink and overanalyse everything! It’s great you’re looking at ways to help manage your anxiety and I’m sure you’ll find something that works for you :)

Best wishes,

Jenny x

Thanks Jenny, it seems a thing this worrying about worrying and learning not switch off and not ruminate. Now I’m back at work it gives me a bit focus to my evenings having bits of work to do and less time to sit and think!


Hello Becci,

school morning routine, therefore not much time. I have had a care coordinator for nearly 8 yrs and met her from time to time or when I needed support...I always kept that cushion in the background.

I think it was pretty difficult for the both of us to move on as we developed such an interactive and trusting relationship. However, attachment does not necessarily help you to get out into the community. I am happy that I managed to move on. We are still in touch, but not in the same relationship anymore "user" and facilitator (enhancing opportunities to improve live qualities).

I believe our journey of recovery is pretty unique! If we are strong enough emotionally and mentally, we can have a choice and we can have a voice!


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