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Mothers on Edge, have you heard?


Hi All, just wondered if everyone had heard about the Louis Theroux documentary that’s coming to the BBC in May called Mothers on edge. It’s going to be documenting mother’s with postpartum mental health issues including postpartum psychosis.

I’m looking forward to watching it and hoping it does justice to the subject and brings some positive attention to something I still believe isn’t spoken about enough. Would be interested to hear what others think of this and if anyone knows more about when or where it was filmed?

Thanks in advance guys and as always wishing you all peace and love.

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Hi R4chl & everyone else reading,

It's great to hear that this documentary is being broadcast soon. APP had some contact with members of Louis Theroux's team and are hoping to link with them for the broadcast too, so that people know about the charity and the info and support we offer, including peer support through this forum. If you follow the charity's social media including Facebook ( and Twitter (@ActiononPP) there will be more info shared there when we have it. We shared this link recently which announced the documentary, including an interview with Louis:

It was filmed in 2 MBUs in the south of England I believe and took place over several months in 2017/18. When we know about the exact date of broadcast, we can also share here on the forum too.

I also wanted to share this link, which appeared on the BBC News last night, about Mother & Baby Units:…/e…/m0003w2s/bbc...

The link expires today as there will be another piece on the bulletins at 6pm & 10pm, focussing on support in the community I believe (& dependent on any other news that might break today of course). It's great to see more awareness being raised of the vital work that MBUs and specialist perinatal teams do. Please take care watching if you are feeling at all vulnerable as it does show the inside of the unit and there are aspects which could be upsetting.

Overall it's a fantastic piece - I'm sure the Louis Theroux doc will be too!


My daughter suffered from mild mental health issues during her later teens and was diagnosed as bipolar. When she had her baby in early 2018, her post partum psychosis was used by Social Services to remove my granddaughter from her care whilst she was in hospital being treated for sepsis due to medical negligence. The treatment that my daughter received from the NHS, Social Services and the Local Authority has been cruel and inhumane, resulting in a decline in her mental health which was used by the authorities to place her daughter for adoption. We have been fighting the LA thru the courts to have my granddaughter returned to my daughter, but they have been able to fabricate evidence and violate our human rights with impunity. This is a national disgrace.

It has been a long and draining battle thru the Family Court, and totally futile once the Local Authority have realised they are in the wrong. They use lies, twisted versions of events and covertly obtained data to paint whatever impression they want in order to achieve their adoption targets. It is worse than Nazi Germany, and I wouldn't have believed it until it happened to us. I have written to my local MP who has even supported us in our efforts to get my granddaughter back, but they are a law unto themselves. I'm hoping Louis Theroux's documentary in May uncovers what is actually going on in this country, and doesn't just provide a platform for the NHS to give a false impression of how well they treat women like my daughter when we know the opposite to be true. I would also like to know, statistically, how many women are having their babies snatched using prior mental health and post partum psychosis as an excuse. It's a disgrace, and needs to be exposed.

Hannah_at_APPAdministrator in reply to Gemini01

I’m so sorry to hear about your experience Gemini01. I’ve also written on the post you started but can only say that I feel very lucky, as a mum who has experienced PP myself, to have received good support from the NHS, including in a mother and baby unit. I didn’t have any contact with social services but can imagine what a stress and strain it will have been to you and your daughter, and the whole family. I hope you’ve been able to raise the issues about your daughter’s treatment. Again, only from my own experience, professionals were very supportive in trying to keep my baby with me and it makes me so sad to hear that this isn’t everyone’s experience. I’m looking forward to seeing the documentary and I’m sure it will shine a light on what is a difficult experience as we know, and a very personal one. I’m just so sorry to hear about your family’s experience and will be thinking of you all. Take care, xx

Hello Hannah,

I'm glad your experience was a positive one as regards the help you received, but I think that budget cuts means not everyone can be so lucky. I'm sure my daughter's experience is the more common one as the LA pick on the most vulnerable who don't have the resources to defend themselves. It's disgusting.

Hi R4chl,

I saw the news and I am looking forward to it. Its fantastic that perinatal mental health is now being given attention in the media, specially to raise the subject of MBUs which are such a crucial element on the recovery of mothers suffering from mental health illness.


No I have not heard of it but will be keeping an eye out for it. I personally think they focus too much time on when the person is being unwell rather than on how well they are afterwards. I.e. a film about the year of my life when I was suffering with it would be completely different to any of the last 11 years. Lets hope it is good xx

Ellie_at_APPAdministrator in reply to Ines19

Yes, that's very true... it's so important that people are given the hope - and the reality - that though it can seem totally horrific and hopeless, that people really do recover and come through it.


Hi all,

Just to check you’ve seen that the Louis Theroux documentary ‘Mothers on the Edge’ is being aired on BBC2 tomorrow night (Sunday 12th May) at 9pm.

Take care watching.

Jenny x

I hope it's an adequate reflection. Not all mums do not bond with their baby etc that's far from the truth I hope that is portrayed. I hope there is a focus on recovery and one becoming the parent they had longed to be.Nervous to watch it to be honest.

Jenny_at_APPAdministrator in reply to Walking45

Yes I hope there are a few different scenarios, everyone’s experience is different... it took me months to watch ‘My baby, psychosis and me’, I’d recorded it and had to wait to feel ready to watch it.

Take care. And if you’re planning to watch it live and think some virtual company might help, I expect there will be some twitter activity to tune into :) x

LilybethVolunteer in reply to Walking45

Hello Walking45

I think if you're nervous to watch it, perhaps it's too soon for you? As it's only been just over six months since you went through such a trauma, it might be better to watch it further down the road in your recovery.

It might bring up buried memories ... I haven't mentioned it to my dad as there was a lot of friction I have read about in my notes. Whatever you decide, please take care watching. It is a temporary illness and although we missed some of our babies early days, we do become the parent we had always longed to be. There are many happy memories yet to be made ..... take care. x


Dear R4chl and to all the other mums on this forum,

in my view point it is better not to have any expectations about the documentary. However, I would like mums to be cautious...

This week I have been fortunate enough to see the new-built MBU in Exeter. I have been participating in the project and contributing to the interior design, because of my lived experience with PPP. My friend, who has been my support worker on the day given me the strengths to see the beautiful facilities and we walked through it in our own time:

This process was very therapeutic in itself...despite the amazing facilities, there were little snapshots of clinical encounters...I was brought back to the time and place in August/September in 2010...a mixed psychiatric gender unit...the suffering was endless, and my recovery took much longer...

When I was in the MBU on Wednesday my heart was crying and happy simultaneously. It was such magic to see our theoretical creative thought processes turned into colours, lights, beautiful architecture, furnishing, textiles, textures and lots more...On the other hand occurring flashbacks whilst walking around indoors have been exhausting.

I have had to rest for 2 days, self reflecting and time-out...I continuously have to recover from my emotional turmoil when it is brought back to shore...

Thus, be cautious and gentle with yourself...and if you think it is to soon...just let it go...I never had the desire to watch East Enders and Tracey & PPP...I do not like Soaps...

I live with the momentum and if OK, I'll be brave and watch the documentary...

Look after yourself, ladies.

Walking45 in reply to Pikorua

I will be brave and watch it too if it's too much I will turn over.We have all come so far on our journeys!♥️


That's very wise Walking45 to switch over if it's too much ...... and very true that we have all come so far. We are here for you on your journey to a full recovery. :) x

Documentary is good so far . How are others finding it?


Hello Walking45

I found it interesting as I didn't have MBU care. I did feel for the mum recovering who also had two other children. I hope you were not too unsettled watching some of the mums in distress. Take care.

Walking45 in reply to Lilybeth

I was the same as I was in a general psychiatric unit too. I hope it gets some publicity to raise the issue of such a harrowing illness. Such brave ladies involved hope they are doing well♥️


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