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Second baby


I love to have second baby but I worried incase I have postpartum psychosis back

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Hi Sharon

Its perfectly normal to feel worried. It is a real risk. I have 7 years between my first and second child for the same reason. I agonised for around 4years with yearning for another child but feeling unable to because I couldnt contemplate being ill again. I did get to a stage where I felt the time for was right.

I would say its a most personal decision that only you and your partner can make. However, that been said I hope you draw hope from the fact that not all suffer a second episode of PP. I think you do need a care plan in place though to plan for every eventuality. I went on to have a 2nd and 3rd child without PP. Though I had some wobbly moments the meds, my partner and family support all helped me through. I wish you all the best in reaching such a hard decision. I would just say, dont put pressure on yourself or fill yourself with guilt as in time you will know when, and if, the time is right for your situation x


Hi Sharon

Yes it’s really natural to feel worried about having another child. I don’t have any personal experience to offer I’m afraid as I only have my son but I did want to make sure you have seen our guide about planning a pregnancy if you are at risk of pp, it is free to download and hopefully would answer any questions or concerns you have :

You may have seen a similar thread , which you may find helpful to read with people sharing their experience.

Take care


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