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Which mother and Baby units accept mums with a higher risk? And which have the most support for helping mums who struggle with energy to care solely for there babies due to their depression?

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I would assume all MBU's have to have a certain level of care and experience of all postpartum illnesses. From personal experience I was sectioned & admitted to Stafford MBU in may 2016 after getting PP with my first baby, with no previous mh problems. This wasn't the nearest MBU at it was an hour & half away, but the nearest with a bed. The staff were absolutely amazing and so was the care and support for both me and my family. Personally I didn't suffer from depression but there were ladies with me at the time who did and they support and encourage you to get back to yourself. I remember other MBU's coming to see how Stafford is run and to speak with patients for our experiences, so it must be good! 😊

Hope this helps. X take care x

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