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missed pp wrongly


had lots of miscarriages.. had 2 boys... doc said the babys must of been girls.... we ready for another boy.. brill... i was Soo happy when they said its a girl... among calling them lies lol...had postnatal baby blues on boys... but with my baby girl... it was hell... didnt have a clue why i wasnt happy... etc led to etc... i ended up sectioned on mental health act..... that was 25 years ago.... sectioned an treated as schizophrenic....

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Hi Julison - I'm so sorry to hear this, it must have been incredibly frightening. How are you doing now, 25 years on? I hope you and your (now grown!) children are all well.

I think it is fairly common for PP to be misdiagnosed like that. Perhaps even more so back then, before PP was much understood. I hope you find the support and information on the APP website and forum useful.

Interestingly, I have heard of another lady who had PP after her third baby (also a girl after 2 boys). I wonder if that is pure coincidence or if there is something about the excitement of finally having your much longed for baby girl? A mystery.

All best wishes,

Kat x


Hi Julison

I’m so sorry, you’ve been through so much. PPP is such a lot to go through and to not be diagnosed correctly so hard. How are you now? So glad you’ve found the forum, I really hope you find it helpful, I know I have, to find mums to share the experiences with and also i’ve found the information on the APP website helpful in terms of recognising in it things that I experienced. I really hope you find it, and the support in the forum, useful.

Sending very best wishes to you

Jen x

Dear Julison Thanks for sharing that experience which must have been very tough . .its such a shock when things start to go wrong and you are vulnerable emotional and tired . We are hard on ourselves and feel guilty when we struggle to cope but desperately need support and understanding . Best wishes Denise

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