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A Mother & Baby Unit for Devon, Cornwall & Somerset


Families from the South West - we need you!

NHS England has secured funding for a new 8-bedded Mother and Baby Unit based in Exeter to serve our region. 4 interim beds will be up and running by Christmas and the purpose-built unit is planned for 2019.

We would love APP families to be as widely represented in the development of this unit as possible. I'm the admin of a private Facebook group where we can share ideas and experiences of being treated 'out of area'or in general psychiatric units. And most importantly - what we would like to be provided at the new unit.

Please reply here or direct message me if you'd like to be involved

Naomi Gilbert

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I am very interested in this project!

That would be amazing!! Having lived in Exeter while I have PP and having to travel to Bournemouth (85 miles away which took 2 hours in a ambulance) - it would help so many ladies!!

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Hi betty2014

Really exciting news isn't it? Would you like to join the stakeholder group so you can share your experience of being treated out of area? Do send me a direct message if you're interested.


Great news Naomi. I'm in Plymouth, will speak to my daughter who lives nearby. She has experience of both a general ward and a great mbu in Australia, but not much support here in Plymouth when she returned with her second baby. Exeter and the rest of Devon seem to be better organised. Why is it such a lottery? Well done to all involved.

This sounds interesting. My experience was different in that my son was in hospital being treated for leukaemia so provision for me was tricky. But feel my experiences may be something that would provide some useful information for the staff looking to start the MBU.

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Hi TrueColours,

hope you are keeping well and you have had a lovely summer holiday with your family. I would be interested, too. I have been already in touch with Naomi and joined the F.B group.


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