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Hi. Sorry I feel really silly doing this but I don't feel like I can talk to anyone else. My daughter is 14weeks now and the best thing that has ever happened to me but I can't stop crying. I feel so low. Things that wouldn't normally upset me are huge. I don't want to leave the house. Fighting with my bf a lot as he doesn't understand why I'm so upset and neither do I.can anyone please relate? X

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Hi Clairesmith2311

Welcome to the forum. I'm really sorry to hear you're feeling low. It's really good you've reached out.

I am not sure though if we're the best forum for you though as this is for mums who have experienced postpartum psychosis which is where you experience delusions, mania etc which doesn't sound like what you have?

It sounds like you may be experiencing more postnatal depression? Im writing from my phone so can't give links but there are several organisations that may be able to give you more information such at postpartum support international, postpartum progress or pandas . If you Google you should be able to find them.

What I would say is its really important to tell someone, for example a health visitor/ midwife or your GP because then you can get support.

You will feel better and I hope you can get the support you need. X

Thank you for your reply. Sorry I'm in the wrong place! I will try that hope it all works out for you all x

Hi Clairesmith2311, I can totally relate after having postnatal depression after my oldest daughter was born. Please take care of yourself and get the help you need! I am living in Aus so not sure how things work in the UK. First step for me was seeking help from my GP (family doctor). Even though you feel low now, with the right help things do get better!

Thank you very much I'm going to contact my Gp today. Wasn't sure if it was just normal hormones? Hope everything works out for you x

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Hi Clairesmith2311, thanks for reaching out and "talking" to us here. I hope you can get some good support from your GP and are feeling better soon. It can be be hard when hormones are all over after having a baby, when we feel like we should be the happiest we've ever been, we know it's going to be hard but nothing prepares you somehow does it?!

"It's OK to not be OK" is a saying that is often used and when you're struggling, it's very true. Take care and I hope things get better for you soon, xx

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Hi Clairesmith,

So sorry to hear you are feeling so low and sad. Sometimes it is the hormones that are associated with birth and pregnancy and it can be quite normal to feel low and teary after birth (what people refer to as the 'baby blues'!). But as you are feeling quite low after a few months, it might be best to contact your GP, as there may be more to it than just the normal teary/emotional time after the birth.

There is also great support from a charity called PANDAS (pre and post natal mental illness support)

They may have a peer support group near your area, or you can speak with someone over the phone about where best to access peer support.

I hope you get some support from your GP. Take care and hope you feel better soon,

Sally xx

Hi clairesmith2311. I understand what you felt abt it. In here i will try give you solution abt ur problem. We usually give intern conselling woman who get post partum when she was pregnant. Explaning how they would be good parent then they could be aware when they got baby blues include deppresion. If i look on ur situation, you need someone or friends who near around you to hear what you have done now and getting support from ur family. I think you can share with ur parent, friends, or community how to grow up ur baby, listening a music, and doing some activity which you feel more comfortable like reading book, singging, gardening or anything else. The best supporting except from ur family is ur partner. You must be honest to ur soul to get peace on ur life then i hope tht you will more comfortable to take care ur baby.

Just try rest relax. See the bright side of things. Pray to God. Go for a massage or afternoon out shopping/ coffee. Look at ur beautiful baby you will smile xx we all here for support

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Hello ClaireSmith

I hope you managed to get an appointment with your GP and you felt listened to and supported. It's not easy to lift yourself out of low moods but with good medical care you will have better days.

Take good care. We are all here for you.

Thank you all for your lovely messages and support. I saw my Gp and had a good chat, I've got to decide if I want to try some medication. Not sure what I think about this but if it just takes the edge of the bad days I think it's worth it. Xx

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Ellie_at_APPAdministrator in reply to Clairesmith2311


That's great you went to your GP. I hope the meds help you a bit. I hope days will get easier for you.


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