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Pp relapse after recovery

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Is it possible to relapse back into psychosis as part of pp after recovering from the episode or is it more likely just a psychotic mania from my bipolar. it's been 3 months I've been stable but now really struggling to even write this due to concentration levels and the voices are back and angry.

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I cannot give an answer, because I am only an amateur. Has some external event triggered these feelings, though?

Ask your GP tomorrow, perhaps.

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Hello Bluerainbow

Welcome to the forum and thank your for your post. I'm sorry you're struggling after 3 months. It is likely that some of us relapse whilst recovering. I had PP twice and with my second episode I was mainly treated at home as my first son was six years old. I was improving and from my notes I've read that I dd relapse and was quite unwell, needing to be hospitalised. However, this was a long time ago so I hope I haven't worried you.

Hearing voices can be very frightening, especially if they are angry. Have you told your GP how you feel or do you have a CPN or Health Visitor to talk things over with? Perhaps you need your medication reviewed? I think it might be an idea to make an appointment with your GP so that he can support you through this difficult time. I hope you have reassuring family support around you.

Take very good care of yourself and please keep in touch if we can help you. There will be other mums here with their good advice. Stay safe.

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Bluerainbow in reply to Lilybeth

Thanks for your experiences. I have a psychiatrist who I see regularly so am getting good support. I was hospitalised in march and nearly again in june so it seems to be coming back every 3 months and taking 2 to recover so I'm hardly getting a break. my mind is just a mess so busy and noisy.

Hi blueraindow, how are you feeling? Sorry its taken me a while to reply. I'm sorry you're struggling.

It's really good that you are seeing a psychiatrist regularly, are you able to contact them as and when you need it? Especially now when you're struggling. I would suggest as well maybe keeping a diary of your moods/thoughts so you can show your psychiatrist very clearly how you are, as it will paint a very true picture. I know sometimes I couldn't really say very clearly how I was, and wish I'd kept more of a diary when I only saw a psychiatrist every couple of months.

Take care X

So true, more often than not I would get lost for words at the psych appointments. I wish I'd kept a diary of the whole episode for next time I am preparing to have a baby

I've just seen my psychiatrist for the 3rd time in 2 weeks and he's adding another antipsychotic into my med cocktail and referring me to the crisis team too. yet again. i feel like I'm going round and round and I'm never going to get out. I'm due to fly on holiday in 3 weeks so have to be improved by then.

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Ellie_at_APPPartner in reply to Bluerainbow

Hi bluerainbow

I'm sorry you're struggling. It's good you've seen your psychiatrist, I do hope that the additional medication does help? Being referred to the crisis team must seem like a step back, but you will get there, and find stability again. How long ago did you have pp? It did take me nearly two years to fully recover from my PP episode, and I don't have a bipolar diagnosis. Each person's recovery is different... I was lucky that I received support from a mental health team for 3 years afterwards.

I hope that you can go on holiday, that may be just the break you need.

Take care X

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Hello Bluerainbow

Thanks for the update. In a way it's a good thing that your psychiatrist is supporting you and adding medication which might be helpful to overcome issues you are struggling with. It's a good idea to be referred to the crisis team as if you are finding things difficult, you will be able to ring them for advice and support, 24/7 I think.

Sometimes it does seem a never ending circle but with all the good care you are receiving it should soon make a difference. Have you discussed your holiday with your psychiatrist? It does take a while for medication to kick in but perhaps he will be able to advise you.

Stay safe and take good care of yourself.

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