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Hi everyone I had by baby 5 months ago was diagnosed with pp now seeing a counselor every few weeks. Was really bad the first week or two have problems at the min with mood swings anxiety and muscle pain due to tension seeing counselor really helps but it's not a long term thing stressing about Wat I'm gonna do when she stops coming round and finding it hard to get out and meet new people had family relationship breakdowns during pregnancy and a really traumatic labour though I'd come here see if it helps x

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Hi Kez1610

Welcome to the forum. I hope you'll find this a really good supportive place, which will help you to feel not so alone. We have all been through PP.

I am sorry to hear you had a difficult time with family relationship breakdowns before your baby was born, and also that your labour was traumatic. It's really good to hear that you have a good counsellor but yes, I can imagine it must be really scary to think about it coming to an end. Have you talked to your counsellor about it, and how you feel about it ending? Perhaps s/he may be able to reassure you?

I had PP in 2011 after the birth of my son. It was so traumatic and I suffered from anxiety and depression afterwards, which is so common after PP. I had good support from a mental health team, particularly in the first year afterwards, and found meeting with a psychologist particularly helpful, which sounds similar to your counsellor.

I do hope you'll find this forum helpful, you are most definitely not alone in how you are feeling, it is really normal to be struggling with these things after PP. I found setting myself small goals / tasks each day helped - trying to plan my day very simply - such as I will do the washing up, put on some laundry, go for a short walk etc... it just helped me feel safe and to feel like I had achieved something, even if some days I had to really force myself to do things, and some days would feel such a struggle.

I wanted as well to make sure you knew of the resources we have. There is a recovery guide that you may find helpful to read: app-network.org/what-is-pp/...

Take care, and write here whenever you want to.


Hi kz1610 and welcome to the forum,

I too hope that you have been finding some good information and shared experiences here. I had PP in 2009 and in some ways it still feels like yesterday, it was such a horrid time, but you can come through, as I and others here have too.

I can relate to the things you mention about a traumatic delivery and also family relationship problems. It's the last thing you need when PP is enough to deal with, and I hope that you have some good support around you, perhaps a trusted friend or other family member to lean on. Have you been able to find any other support locally, perhaps through your local Childrens Centre (if you are in the UK) or a baby group where you can go and meet others when you are feeling up to it? I made myself go to a group every week and although it was so hard, and felt so tough at times, I did make a couple of good friends there and it was good to have something to focus on.

The planning of your day and trying to feel that sense of achievement that Ellie also describes did help me. Although there were a fair few days when it was cold outside and all I wanted to do was veg on the sofa with something trashy on TV! As with everything, it's getting the balance that is right for you.

It's good to hear that your counsellor is helping, it might be something to discuss in your next session about being worried of what will happen next, and there may be some signposting they can do, or offer further advice.

Take care, xx

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Hello kez1610

I hope you have found the forum helpful .... sorry to hear you have had a hard time lately. I had PP twice many years ago so my experience is a little dated but I remember how anxious and scared I was. You are doing really well to be coping after such a short time.

Perhaps when your counselling sessions finish, your GP will be able to support you. Are you seeing your counsellor for Cognitive Behaviour Therapy? If not, your GP might be able to refer you. Talking to a complete professional stranger (much the same as your counsellor) about your worries is a good way to get all your fears out of your head. I had CBT some years ago (unrelated to PP) and found just having someone to listen and make sense of my thoughts was a great relief.

Also, there are usually weekly Health Visitor Clinics at the GP Surgery where you can have your baby weighed, etc so that might be a way for you to meet new mums? Do you have a community mental health team to turn to?

It takes time to fully recover from such a traumatic illness. Try to rest when your baby is sleeping and take good care of yourself. It's a good sign that you feel motivated to meet new people and I hope you have a good week.


Hello kez1610

I hope the sessions with your counsellor are still helpful and your G.P. has suggested other support for you.

We are all here if you would like to talk. Take care.

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