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Action on Postpartum Psychosis
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I'm doing well, thank you for your support.

I wanted to say thank you for the immense support you gave me, our story would have been very different without you.

I'm doing well, I'm volunteering again and studying and tackling the weight gain with diet and running.

I would love to give back in some way.

Thank you for everything, I hope you are all well.

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Hi ontheup,

It's so good to read your update and that you are doing so well. Also lovely to see the photo of you and your beautiful boy :)

It's great that you have found this forum such a source of support, it's a wonderful place full of amazing, strong, brave women, not least yourself.

I too wanted to give back in some way after recovering from PP. if you've not already joined the APP network that could be a place to start? (http://www.app-network.org/join/) That's what I did and I've had the privilege of meeting some amazing people as a result. Or you could contact the team directly?

Thank you for posting this update, you will help and give hope to many, I'm sure.

Best wishes, J x

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Hello ontheup, how lovely to hear from you (and see such a lovely pic too!)

It's great to hear you are doing well and doing lots of things too - you have come so far. I also try and run a little but am not much good... getting out in the fresh air is lovely though, albeit a little too warm at the moment. I too signed up to the APP Network, it was a newsletter back then in 2010/11 or so, before the days of the forum.

It's so positive to want to give something back, and I think a lot of us felt the same (and still do). If you want any more info, please feel free to get in touch either here or via the APP office. Take care, xx

PS - I was spannerb, apologies if the name change is confusing !


Hello ontheup

I'm really happy that you're doing well, such a relief isn't it? That's a lovely photo....

I think I've said before what a privilege it was to share the ups and downs of your journey to recovery. It sounds as though you are in a balanced routine with studying and a little time to yourself.

We are all really glad we were here for you. I'm sure you would be a great volunteer with so much experience, if that appeals to you. When I joined and met other mums who were thinking of volunteering it was really amazing for the first time to openly discuss PP. I felt really proud to be among such an exclusive band of mothers and still do today.

You're an amazing mum and should be very proud of what you have achieved against all the odds. Thank you so much for posting ........ as always, take good care. xx


Hi ontheup

So lovely to hear from you and to see your beautiful photo! It's great to hear you're doing well and as lilybeth said it was an amazing privilege to be here for you through everything. ..

I just wanted to let you know that if you were ever interested in time there are a lot of volunteering opportunities with APP including becoming a peer supporter, if that's ever anything you feel is the right thing for you.

Take care xxxx


Hello ontheup

Just thinking about you and hope you are still doing well. Wishing you a very happy family time during this holiday season. :)

Take good care of yourself.


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