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Anyone had pp and still go on to have psychosis 4 years on?

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Hi all I have just found this community via a fb group. I had pp it was diagnosed late my little boy was 6 months  old and went into a mother and baby unit when he was almost 9 months old for just over 8 weeks.  Since then I have been admitted to psychiatric hospital 5 times with psychosis.  It alway the same belife that the devil army are coming for me and my son. It's hard to live with my voices have never gone but are worse when I am depressed.  Anyone else still suffering.  I had had depression before little man but never had hallucinations or hears voices now I suffer with both xxx 

8 Replies
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Hi lottie2012 

That must be so difficult for you.  I haven't had the same experience - had PP and later one relapse.  But I feel for you with this devestating illness not being resolved yet 

I wondered whether you are on medication and whether perhaps it needs a review, if you keep getting ill again ?? What is your support team like? 

Pp is very treatable and you should be able to enjoy good health and time with your family. 

It would be lovely to hear from you again. 

Spaghetti  x x x 

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LilybethVolunteer in reply to Spaghetti

Hello Lottie

Welcome to the forum and thank you for sharing your traumatic story.  Here you will find lots of support and helpful advice from mums who have had similar experiences.

I'm really sorry to hear you are still having episodes of psychosis and hallucinations four years on from the birth of your son.  It must be awful for you.

I had two episodes of PP in the mid-70's and early 80's so my experiences are a little dated.  I can well remember how frightening my hallucinations and delusions were.  The voices were very commanding and I was very ill. Way back then there were no MBUs and I was under general psychiatric care.  During my second PP I was mainly treated at home except in times of crises (of which there were many) when I was readmitted to hospital.  I did relapse and suffered what seemed like an endless depression but with various treatment interventions I eventually fully recovered.

If you are in the UK I wonder if the Second Opinion Service is pp/ might be something for your mental health team to explore?  I know Prof Jones has given invaluable help and advice to some of the mums here.  I also had the good fortune to meet with Prof Jones who was so understanding and answered questions I had wondered about for years.  I hope you are able to have regular follow up appointments with your care team.  You must be a very strong mum to cope with such an enduring illness although not easy for you.

Take very good care of yourself.

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LilybethVolunteer in reply to Lilybeth

Hello Lottie

I was wondering how you are since your post?  I hope your GP is supporting you.

Take very good care of yourself and let us know if we can help.

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Shery in reply to Lilybeth

The hounrable Lily beth.please help me.i m shery from pakistan .please note my wife story.last two month my wife childbirth. She is five days after fine...but my wife is very confuse thing and voices. I m going to doctor advice some tablet use for daily routine..please help me some important guidenss. Thanks

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LilybethVolunteer in reply to Shery

Hello Shery

I'm sorry it has taken me a while to reply, I have just returned home from work.

I've noticed the very helpful advice you have been given by Ellie. I'm so sorry your wife is very unwell and it is very distressing for you and your family. PP can strike in the first few days following childbirth and it is a struggle to overcome. It is very confusing for your wife to make sense of things. At the moment she will be having all sorts of thoughts and feelings which are all very real and frightening to her. The voices are part of the psychosis and it is very important that she receives treatment so that her mood will be under control.

You have probably read on the forum that I had PP twice many years ago and was very ill but with good medical care and family support I eventually fully recovered, as your wife will.

It is a very worrying time for you but PP is not a long lasting mental illness and your wife will fully recover. This will take time and patience but I'm sure with your concern and support she will be herself again.

I'm not sure what the treatment is for PP in Pakistan. Has your wife been in hospital? If you can, I think it would be a good idea to start your own post here so that other mums on this forum can give you their support? I think you will find all the information Ellie gave very helpful to even show the doctor.

Take good care of yourself too as this is a difficult time for everyone.

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Hi have you spoken to a psychiatrist about the possibility you may have another mental health condition? 

I'm recovering from severe psychosis 14 years after pp and have been diagnosed as having bipolar disorder which make a lot of sense and I now have access to counselling, medication and help from CMHT whenever I need it.  

PP can be the trigger of a longer term MH condition- the correct diagnosis could really help to get you the right help,  medication etc. 

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Hello Lottie

Sorry to crowd your inbox ...... just wondering how you are?  I hope you have found the replies here helpful.

Take very good care of yourself.

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Hello Lottie

I'm sorry that I've used your thread to reply to Sher, a dad in distress. I hope you are ok yourself and your mood has lifted.

Thinking of you ..........

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