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Hi ladies I had ppp in March 2014-2015 now that I am fully recovers and feel like it took me the 2 years to finally recover from it i would like to do more to help others me and my husband were from Belfast Ireland and I'm not really sure where to start do any of use know of anything over here in Ireland how to get started thanks look forward to hearing from you all

Fiona x

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Hello Fiona24

Thank you for your post and welcome to the forum. Congratulations on your recovery which was of similar duration to mine, about two years to finally recover.

I'm not sure about supporting PP mums in Ireland or where to start but I think Ellie, the Administrator here, will be able to help or other mums.

Take care.


Hi there, I had pp in December 14,luckily I recovered in a few weeks, was on medication for nearly 5 months. I live in the south of Ireland and am now pregnant with twins! I am only 10 weeks, but would be interested if people in Ireland found it easy to access supports during pregnancy?



Hi Fiona

Welcome to the forum! I'm so glad you're feeling better now and keen to help other new mums in our situation. If you're interested in helping to improve services for women with PP, your initiative is perfect timing as far as Northern Ireland in particular goes. The province is one of the areas of the U.K. With the worst perinatal mental health services but a group of passionate people are campaigning to change things. Take a look at the everyone's business

Site where you'll see the campaign which is hosted and supported by us here at APP and do get in touch with me and I'll put you in touch with our Northern Ireland group who are based in Belfast and would love to have your input.

If that doesn't appeal to you, you could always hold a fundraising event like a cake sale or sponsored run/walk for APP and you'd be making s massive contribution in that way. Get in touch with us and we can help with ideas and resources like T shirts etc.

Thanks for getting in touch and take care of yourself,



Hi Fiona

Well you've already got a couple of good replies. It's great to hear that you've recovered, and that you'd like to help other women who have had PP. I just wanted to let you know that APP are always looking for volunteers who would like to become trained peer supporters to reply to posts on the forum, and also support women through one to one emails. We don't have the next training day planned yet as we are currently applying for new funding, but we will definitely have one in the next few months if you would be interested. It would most likely be in London or Birmingham though, so you would have to travel, APP would pay your travel costs though.

Also we do have regional reps around the country who campaign to raise awareness of PP with professionals and the general public, coordinate fundraising etc for their area. We currently don't have anyone in Northern Ireland I don't think, so if you wanted to do that we could support you and direct you with that.

You can also join APP as a member and will receive our information, newsletters etc.

We're always looking as well for people to do any kind of fundraising too.

Do private message me on here with your details (name, address, phone number, email) if you are interested in volunteering for APP at all, and no pressure, whatever feels right for you of course.



Hi Fiona,

I also live in Belfast. I had PP after the birth of my son in feb 09. I've since had another baby in Apr 14 and remained healthy second time round.

Support in NI is very poor for mums with PP and their families. I've spoken at a few conferences about my experience mainly to doctors and midwives.

I don't know if you have seen the news lately but there is a campaign to get an MBU in Belfast. I was on BBCNI news two weeks ago and we went to Stormont to a meetng for Mental Health Group and did a presentation on perinatal mental health service in NI. I've just done an interview for a local newspaper today and my story is going to be the paper in a few weeks.

I'm quite a private person and wouldn't be great at public speaking but I reckon if I help one person it will be worth it.

I've also met a few other mums from Belfast who have had PP and I think that helps with getting your head round this illness so to speak and just to think you are not alone. Everyones story/ experience is slightly different but we have this massive one big thing in common. I find it very difficult to explain to strangers what I've been through.

I had thought about starting a support group but with work and 2 kids I just didn't have the time to commit to it and it was going to be a lot to undertake for one person.

Anyway if you would like to meet for a coffee/chat somewhere public (just so you know i'm not a weirdo) maybe we could arrange that or if you want to message me. And if you think we can help raise awareness in NI anymore that would be great.

Take care and i'm glad to hear you have recovered, well done you.



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