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Medication while breastfeeding?


Does anyone know anything about risperidone and breast feeding?

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Hello DEb12W

Thanks for posting. I don't know anything about breastfeeding and medication. I'm sorry I can't comment as I was separated from my sons in their very early days when PP hit.

I'm sure there will be other mums here with helpful advice.

Take good care.



Thanks for your post. I don't have experience of taking risperidone when pregnant but I wanted to direct you to the website below

You can search all mental health meds and there is a whole list of questions with very accurate answers based on research etc about side effects, and one of the questions is about taking the meds while pregnant and what risk there is. It is a really balanced website I think. Usually there isn't a 'yes' or 'no' answer I find, more about balancing the risks. I think the link I have given above is the information about Risperidone but if it isn't obviously you just need to do a search.

Hope that is helpful.

I was prescribed risperidone as an alternative to quientipeine (sp?) as I found that too sedating. I was breastfeeding at the time (2013) so unless things have changed it was 'safe' at the dosage of 5mg (I think) that I was prescribed. I only took it for a few days as I found that it didn't work for my mania. This was part of my treatment for my second but very mild episode of PP.

It's always a tricky balance medication and breastfeeding. Weighing up the pros and cons. Luckily I was able to for both of mine but I know that its just not possible for many. I had an unbelievably supportive husband that helped me feed despite being pretty out of it at night.

Good Luck.

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