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preeclampsia twice


Hi ladies-need some support and advice

I had preeclampsia with first pregnancy-baby was growth restricted...delivered @ 30 weeks.

He ended up having a rare heart defect and passed away after a couple month. I had daughter 1 year later delivered @32 + weeks. She is great. I really want to try for another pregnancy-have spoken to many high risk obs who think I should go for it (start aspirin early) . Looking for some advice and inspiration/


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Can you contact us via and we may be able to help you.

Regards APEC

Sorry to hear you lost your son but so pleased you have a healthy daughter. My daughter is now almost 28 and was born at 31 weeks as the result of me having an eclampic fit. She survived, in my opinion, due to the tlc given by dedicated staff in two different hospitals. I was told I had a 1 in 10 chance of it happening again so chose not to try again. Medicine and technology together with understanding of pre-eclampsia seems to have moved on in strides since then so I think I would first of all ask for advice from your GP/midwife and if they seem happy ‘go for it’. If they know your past history I think you would be monitored closely but I also think your local hospital/clinic would not mind you seeking help/reassurance if you were concerned about anything, however small. Good Luck.

Have you been tested for Hughes Syndrome/APS? It may be an sorry about your loss: MaryF

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