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Action on Pre-eclampsia
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Eclampsia scare don't give up pray, push forward. Find the right Dr to focus on you and your pregnancy, you deserve to have a child not all

I'm so sorry for you to have gone through such a sad, heartbreaking moment. I was 17 and pregnant liss a baby like several months earlier and didn't know I was pregnant etopic pregnancy they called it, however the 2nd time I was weighing 125 pds and ended up weighing 235 the Dr kept saying he doesn't know why I gained so much weight I ended up wearing house slippers to school and moving like an old turtle, headaches, backaches,swollen feet, high bloodpressure he still couldn't tell me what was happening, I went into labor afterwardsmy back was hurting sooooo bad ,headache was strange felt funny after being released her Godfather came by with gifts I remember darkness 3 months later I came out of a coma. I was scared but I had 4 more children never got eclampsia again

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