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Action on Pre-eclampsia
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kidney injury, pre eclampsia

I had severe preeclampsia and associated kidney injury (most likely acute kidney failure). Has anyone else experienced this and did you require follow up with nephrologist?

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Yes. I had kidney failure after having my second child. I had pre-eclampsia with both pregnancies. While in hospital for almost two weeks I had blood tests every four hours, scans and was booked in for dialysis but thankfully didn't need it.

The first year after, I saw a specialist regularly, every month for three months then every three months. Then a year later.

I have a blood test once a year to check function. And I range from 60-80% which is amazingly good considering.

How are your kidneys behaving? And what is your experience?



I too was in the hospital for two weeks with premature ruptured membranes and diagnosed with preeclampsia. My blood pressure progressively got worse and I wasn't responding to oral labetalol. I got treated with magnesium sulfate and I then stayed in ICU for three days - had to use a high flush dose, before I responded. The blood tests were frequent and there was a possibility that I had to have dialysis. I saw several nephrologist while in hospital and one asked if I had history of lupus. This was a very scary experience and I have been researching more about this condition.

I am being weaned off of oral labetalol for the past nine weeks, but still seem to have rebound/residual high blood pressure. My OB has been monitoring my kidney function and it is not back to normal. I am scheduled for more blood work and referred to a nephrologist.

Based on what I have read online, it seems the preeclampsia condition will progress its course and treatment is limited. What have you discovered about the condition? What kind of treatment did you receive while seeing the nephrologist?


My girls are 13 years apart to start off so had my second daughter about little over four years after two of having her I developed preeclampsia fell into coma all my organs was falling have dialysis twice because it didnt work the first time around. I developed high blood pessure, heart failure, seizures, memory loss, and kidney failure to name some thing by the grace of God I woke up a week later with no momory of half of my life but knew everyone around me from my everyday life. It have been 4 years and been off in on to my kidney doctor to make sure my kidneys are of went to do my regular blood work n my kidney level are up again after two years of a break. Now have to get an ultrasound done because am back at 1.11 with my levels with no symptoms but working a new job which at Amazon fresh n the cold.


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