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Are my anxiety symptoms normal?

I just want to know if people get the same as me when an attack comes on. I'm having a bad day today, my heart is pounding, and when an attack comes on I get horrible uncontrollable shakes and my chest gets very tight. I get terribly frightened and do not feel in control of anything. Can I ask what advice people can give to help me 'calm' myself during and after an attack? And to just confirm whether my symptoms are normal?

Many thanks.

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Hi Kiwigirl,

Your symptoms are quite normal for someone having a panic attack.

Talk with your doctor about what you're experiencing. If you're living in New Zealand then your doctor should be able to suggest a number of things including brief intervention, online cognitive behavioural therapy and possibly diet and exercise.

When you're experiencing an attack focus on your breathing to calm yourself, but without hyperventilating. There is plenty of good material online about deep breathing and relaxation. If you live in Christchurch contact us and make a time to meet with one of our peer support workers.

Regards, Ian,

Anxiety Support @ MHAPS


That helps, thank you Ian


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