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It is working

I recently began counseling for anxiety; struggled with it for many years. I think I convinced myself it was normal to be that way; I can handle it. I often get uncomfortable in social settings and when having to deal with unpleasant situations. I use to get really upset when someone I did not really know, a co-worker, someone I met while out shopping or any place outside of the house. I would think why don’t you just get away from me. And I would get upset if they remained in my space. I think getting upset and verbally lashing out is a part of anxiety. Well I finally found it within myself to say, please stop. I added a few other comments but I began and ended with please stop. And I was not upset just wanted them to go away, lol. I think I am learning.

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Hi there, pleased to learn that you are getting some structured help for your anxiety and particularly that you view your experiences as learning. Your willingness to learn will help you to better understand and appreciate yourself as well as leaving you open to adopting strategies that mitigate your experience of anxiety.



Yes, I agree. Thank you.