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Need to vent

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A lot of you have given me advice in the past and have read about my current engagement. I think today I may have hit my breaking point. Baby mama drama is just to much to handle. What kind of mother just drops off your baby and does not come back for 10 days even missed her birthday! Every day is a different excuse why she won’t come get the baby. In the mean time it’s been two weeks since I seen my fiancé. Today I got to meet his daughter and spend about an hour with them. But my birthday was Sunday and our anniversary is today and he missed both because of the ex. I don’t think I can keep living this way. This is getting to much to handle I feel like I’m in this relationship alone. I have done everything I can for him and his daughter and I feel I get nothing in return. I had a whole night away planned tonight and I had to cancel because he did not fight enough for me to get the mom to pick up the baby. Mind you he only has every other weekend visitation but she leaves her for a week at a time over and over this time it’s been almost 10 days. How am I suppose to deal with something like this. She is ruining our relationship ruining his life and everything around him he has basically lost because of her. No matter how much I try and help he won’t fight her or go against hurt. They say you fight for what you love but I’m tired of fighting and being alone!!!