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Anxiety sucks

Some days my anxiety is worse then others. When my fiancé is at his house it's always worse because I'm wondering what he's doing or where he is or who he's with. I know i have nothing to worry about but because my marriage before him was so bad it makes it so hard to trust I wish it would just stop no matter how hard I try it's the same feeling over and over again and it sucks. My fiancé tries to tell me over and over again he's not my ex husband and he wouldn't do what he did but the thought is always is the back of my head.

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If you are to be married you need to have an open trusting relationship. When he goes to his house, plan an activity for yourself. Go shopping, take a walk, etc. don’t sit and think about him. Tell yourself I am not going to worry about this because it’s stupid. Keep telling yourself that!


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