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My mother in law

She drives me nuts, she thinks the world revolves around her. If she doesn't like something she involves other family members into a situation years none of their business. I hear she does this to her other daughter in laws to. Omg! She acts like my husband is married to her. Lots of jealousy here and I'm to mature to let her games prevail in my marriage. It's came to the point of blocking her number and moving away. Utterly insane! She's 86 years old and needs to go to a retirement home today. God forgive me but she pushes her so called weight in my marriage only so far until I've had enough. My husband is one of nine sons, I hear the same problems from their wives! She is so immature and has been early in her life. Now she's elderly, so there's an excuse for being a pain in the ads. I'm at my writs end. She a narcissist by all means. She thinks she can force her demands on you so you surcome to her will. I told her to kiss my ads and get lost. I could slap her. Thank God I'm a better Christian than that!

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Darn spell check lol