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Lack of peace

If you rarely had peace growing up, how can you tell what it really is? To many it's basically something others say they want but no real intent on creating it to apply it to ones life. The lack of it does create conditions that could of been prevented, such as anxiety and OCD. So what is peace? It's much like your rights as a citizen but this time your fighting for contentment and your right to have it. Peace is that unmoved sense of calmness and contentment no matter what's going on. Technically peace is love, understanding, forgiveness and growth, some of us lived without. Now we must identify with something foreign, how is that possible? As a child I knew what I was getting, and what it was about. It's love plain and simple. Something this world has little of. Taking the time to think about what's best for you is self love, you need to do it everyday. Caring about your body and mind is essential to get better.

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I put in my life the things I never got as a child and that was love, which brings peace and wellbeing. I go out of my way to think only positive things and allow forgiveness and understanding to flow throughout me. Such as I can do better, I'm beautiful, and caring person worthy of love, and loveable! You would not believe how my life has changed for the better! I use to say I'm not doing this well. Now I say, I did it just fine, I love it. I enjoy my life now that I changed what I believed. You can too.