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Constant Heart Palpitations

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to share what I have been dealing with lately and why I am so scared. Firstly I should share a little about myself. I am a 23 year old male who is really into weightlifting. By into it I mean like I take very good care of myself but meal prepping my foods and counting my calories while working out 5-6 days a week. This is a great hobby of mine cause I really enjoy it. I'm not sure if I'm into the bodybuilding stepping on stage kind but I do like going through cutting and bulking phases (I apologize if that doesn't make sense). Throughout my life I have never really been sick or gotten sick other than strep throat as a kid which was fairly common. I am a full-time student working part time right now. Im a student planning on going into the nursing program and eventually becoming a Nurse Practitioner.

The reason why I am posting this is for a little over a month now I been getting heart palpations that are just uncomfortable. Basically they all started when I used to sit in the bathroom and do my business but during it I would feel my heart basically beating out of my chest. That never really concerned me for some reason and I always shrugged it off like it was nothing. Then recently about two weeks ago I woke up to start my day and then later in the morning I was getting the heart palpations and then I started to get some weird minor chest pain and then weakness and fatigue all throughout my body. So that day I started freaking out more and more cause I honestly thought I was going to have a heart attack. So my parents thought I was crazy and they were constantly yelling at me to quit overreacting cause they believe I am a hypochondriac. Well long story short with that day I went to the hospital cause I started feeling dizzy overtime I got up to walk. When I went to the hospital they took my blood to run a test to see if I was having a heart attack and they hooked me up to a EKG. The blood test came back normal and the EKG was normal according to the doctors the whole time I was there lying in the bed. I figured it was going to be normal cause my heart rate and heart palpitations are usually very minor or gone.

After the hospital I was still really nervous cause the palpitations were constantly there and it was depressing me so bad to the point that I literally sat in my room all day and rested cause I was so scared to go to the gym or do anything really. Just sitting in my room all day was really depressing me too and honestly I didn't know how to deal with it cause it felt like my life was sicken. So I decided to set up an appointment with my doctor who wanted to set me up with a Holter Monitor and wear it for 48 hours. So I did that and honestly while wearing it I still did my normal activities but I did workout while wearing it cause I wanted to do everything possible to see if anything was wrong with rhythm of the heart. After wearing it the doctor called me back two days ago and notified me that everything was fairly normal but he did ask me if I exercised with it on or not and I said yes sir. He then proceeded to tell me thats what he figured cause at times my heart rate really spiked but he didn't tell me if that was normal or not and I should of asked but I was not thinking at the time.

Out of this tests which came back normal I still get my constant heart palpitations which kind of depress me and make me feel not as joyful as I usually am. All my symptoms are usually the worse in the morning cause I am not as hungry as I usually am cause of the palpitations and feeling a little nausea's. I thought all this was due to caffeine but I haven't had coffee in over a month. I do not take any supplements other than fish oil and a multivitamin once a day. I'm at the point where I am terrified that something is wrong with my heart even though those tests where normal cause I never had heart palpitations like this ever. I know CHF and heart disease runs in the family along with diabetes and hypertension but I never had hypertension or diabetes. My grandpa which is my fathers dad did have heart surgery for a stent when he was like 60 something and was also diagnosed with A-Fib when he was 60 but other than that my father never had any issues with his heart. My grandma which is my fathers mother, her brother died last year of CHF. Other than that I am not sure if anything else in the family has been going on. I am just nervous about everything going on and I am not sure what to do.