I don't know if I have anxiety also hi

I think I may have GAD (general anxiety disorder) I usually wear coats even in the summer because when I get nervous sometimes there is a flash and I'm sweating but cold at the same time I have fainted once because I was super nervous and I wear puffy jackets on the bus in case the seat belt cuts me in half yeah I'm crazy and my heart is always pounding and I have shortness of breath sometimes. I always worry about being attacked I'm super paranoid before I get out of the house I think should I bring a knife I don't bring a big one just a small switch blade IDK if it's normal to worry this much I worry about everything and death is a recurring thought and yes I have been down lately Minecraft is the only thing I have now sometimes I cry when I'm home alone one sound will send me into the corner with a butcher knife I even scared someone away on accident that was supposed to be fixing something he saw my scared expression and the butcher knife. I am going to see if I can talk to a therapist

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  • You should definitely try and speak to a therapist about this! Have you seen a doctor yet? If not, definitely make time to go and see one. I wish you the best and remember you are not alone!

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