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Hello! I am new here. I'm a 22 year old man who suffers from anxiety disorder for almost 5 years now. It started actually when I was a kid but these 5 years makes me uncomfortable and worried. This condition affects my life like sleeping habit, socialization, even lovelife. What made it worst is sometimes during working hours.

I hate the fact that it's like a roller coaster of emotions. Weird thing is I am ok now then suddenly a wave of sorrows appears in my head and it makes me cry without even know the reason. I already consulted my friend but he doubted me and treat it like a joke. Due to my persistent now he believes what I'm going through.

Most of the time I attack by this condition during night and alone. I know I don't feel loneliness and all, even though I'm independent now for almost 4 years. More like this condition makes me uneasy and acting like a freak. Making me cry at night, sudden pain in my chest and difficulty in breathing was the worst thing to happen.

Whenever I see a teddy bear I badly wanted to buy it to conquer it , even when I'm alone. But due to my ego and I'm quit shy to carry it way back from home (You know I'm a full grown man carrying a teddy bear hahaha). So I just ignored every teddy's I see.

My friend ask me to consult a therapist. My question is how? I am a bit reluctant and doesn't want to open up to the person that I didn't know. One thing it is very expensive. I wish this site would help me, so I know what is the root of this unexplainable feeling. Thanks in advance

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I would talk to people with similar issues, for example on here. I actually have a teddy bear and if I go to spend the night away from home I bring it. I know it seems lame, but it kind of helps. Also the therapist won't judge if that is an issue your having. Their job is to help people with the same problems as you. The root could be many things and I would go at least to one or two sessions of therapy and maybe they could help. If they can't that's okay, there is other things that could help.

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