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How to support my son?

Hi, I wonder if I may have some words of wisdom??? My son who is at uni came home this weekend and shared how he is really feeling. So proud of how he has sort support at an early stage with his anxiety and anger. He spoke about it at 100 miles an hour and has since relaxed and slept. He's going back today and of course we will be concerned. Don't want to be overbearing just supportive. Any ideas, what worked for you etc would be very welcome. Thank you for your time.

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It's the small things,

A post card a text. Funny and light. Advise usually didn't go down very well this end unles asked for. Just be there. No judgement. That's a hard one. And tell him how proud your are.

Wierd. It's only been learning from a mate who text me 'I love ya kid" that I could actually do that with my son. It wasn't thrown back in my face so hey that's good. I find it so hard to know when to move forward and when to stay low. Low but not out of site.

Good luck.