derealization, dissassociation

hi, I am new to this site, and I am so glad I found it because i feel that i really need support now with my anxiety because it is preventing me from living my life and even leaving my room. Even when I am in my room, I have this feeling of derealization, that nothing is actually real or actually there. Also, I cant seem to focus in on anything and remember things. Also, i feel like moments and passing me by and i feel like im not in my body. At night I am afraid that i will not wake up from sleeping, and I constantly have shortness of breath. I was wondering if anybody knew how to stop derealization and disassociation forms of anxiety. I feel like I am pretty sleep deprived which may be causing it, but I was wondering will this lifeless, and feeling of not existing or anything being real, go away?

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  • It will go away for 6 months I lived like that and I still have trouble leaving my house too but it will get better the key is to tap into your surroundings like touch something or talking to someone it will help focus on a person or one thing it's hard but keep trying