derealization, dissassociation

hi, I am new to this site, and I am so glad I found it because i feel that i really need support now with my anxiety because it is preventing me from living my life and even leaving my room. Even when I am in my room, I have this feeling of derealization, that nothing is actually real or actually there. Also, I cant seem to focus in on anything and remember things. Also, i feel like moments and passing me by and i feel like im not in my body. At night I am afraid that i will not wake up from sleeping, and I constantly have shortness of breath. I was wondering if anybody knew how to stop derealization and disassociation forms of anxiety. I feel like I am pretty sleep deprived which may be causing it, but I was wondering will this lifeless, and feeling of not existing or anything being real, go away?

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  • It will go away for 6 months I lived like that and I still have trouble leaving my house too but it will get better the key is to tap into your surroundings like touch something or talking to someone it will help focus on a person or one thing it's hard but keep trying

  • it will get better with time....I've been living with anxiety for more than 6years now just lastnite i woke up to the same horror,at some point i even felt like i was loosing my mind and my surroundings seemed unreal,my heart started racing and i felt faint.It was very much daunting and yes I've experienced so many of these episodes before so i just got myself out of bed and had a glass of water.going back to bed was traumatic as i thought i'll never make it till morning.... but you know what? i gave in and went back to bed.I woke up this morning feeling so helpless and i just broke down into tears reverting back to last nights ordeal. I wasn't going to let yesterday's scenario ruin today so I put on my makeup,that floral dress that i like so much and stepped into society.I have come to the realization that every time i get these attacks and what triggers them is the fact that I'm stressing about stuff so I use them as my "stress alert's" and deal with the stress but not the anxiety :-)

  • HOw do you feel now

  • Hi Sarah, sorry you feel this way , sleep is important, I don't know if you are any medication but Amitriptilyne 10mgs. would help you sleep better. You would be advised to see your doctor about this. Regards Jack

  • This is actually if it has been persistently going on for an extended amount of time (years) something that needs to be addressed w a therapist and psychiatrist. Good medication and therapy will be your best friend! Good luck you can develop insight and coping skills. You can do this 😊

  • I'm a recovered disacosite person, went through many years of therapy, I have the answers for you. They may seem to simple or strange to you. Trauma in the mind is where it starts. The mind is a powerful tool, if you tell it something make sure it's productive. Your facing years of ingrained belief of the fears you convinced yourself were there. In return your living a nightmare that really isn't there. You are real, the objects you see is real, I'm real and I'd like to help you. Your not crazy, it's what trauma does to the brain. Would you like to be free from it? Firstly acknowledge that your present belief system is faulty and unhealthy. Discard it by disacosiation, using a dysfunction method of coping to your positive advantage. This takes time and a relentless journey to record a new belief system. Say to yourself the opposite of what you've told yourself to long. Combat every negative and scary assumption out with self love, acceptance and the opposite reaction. For Instance if your afraid of somebody hurting you through an open wibdow, test the waters before you allow it to control you. Your more apt to get a cold than being hurt like that. At night secure the window, and sleep well. There's a lot you must know too. I'm a button away