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Fear of being sick

Please can anyone help?.. I'm new here and I'm so fed up with worries of being sick every single day..

I can't get to sleep at night because I often feel anxious and have a sicky feeling in my throat and then I panic and start to cry and feel even worse. If someone feels sick in the room at school, I start to slightly panic. I'm just sick of it.. it takes over my life, it stops me doing so much because of this stupid fear of being sick. I get loads of support from my family but im just so so so sick of it..

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You need to start somewhere with some you trust. Someone needs to know what's going on for you. This may be a family member, or your General Practitioner (GP) for example. I'd certainly suggest your GP regardless.

There's no shame in feeling the way you do, it's quite common and it's your reaction to some things in your life. It's important to understand why you're reacting this way and look at ways of mitigating the reactions you're having. For example, breathing and relaxation and/or mindfulness practice may have a part to play.

Beyond those sort of interventions, which can be effective in dealing with symptoms, your GP or a health authority may have a programme available that can help you to better understand the causes of your reactions and how to address these.

I hope this helps.

You're not alone.




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