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Probleme with sleeping

The thing that triggered my anxiety disorder is that u couldnt sleep well for two nights in a row and i traveled when i got there i became so chaky and my heart rate got very high and i had difficulty with breathing. I went to the doctor but it all came up right it was just fatigue. After that i became so afraid at night that it would happen to me again or even become more severe and i would die from it so in the past 8 months i have difficulty sleeping because im afraid not to sleep please can someone help me with this it s torturing me 😞😞

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Hello, I am sorry to hear you are not able to sleep. Have you tried getting something for sleep? Also, taking Epsom Salt baths and drinking chamomile tea can help. It is very important to normalize your sleep. If I can be of more support please let me know.


That sounds horrible! Try to take your mind off it, if you think 'I need to sleep quickly so it doesn't happen again!' you'll work yourself up and then you have a less chance of sleeping. Have a hot bath and cuddle up in bed with either a great book, some chocolates and your favourite tv program or film! X Let me know how it goes xx