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I think I have social anxiety but no one seems to care

As you've guest from the title I haven't been officially diagnosed, mainly because my parents haven't done anything about it. I have told my parents that I think I have social anxiety and dermatillomania (compulsive skin picking) I even gave them some information about both of them. At first my dad took it seriously asking if I really thought I had this condition and if I would like to go to the doctors which I replied yes to both of them, but the trip to the doctors never happened. My mom on the other hand didn't take it very seriously, either she was too preoccupied with work or she thought I was being dramatic.

Though my parents didn't listen I thought as least my friends would support me, wrong answer. I only told my two very close friends and I also gave them the sheets about them since I knew I was going to struggle explaining it to them. One of them was going through a tuff time and was suffering from depression so I knew she was going to understand a lot better than my parents about mental illnesses. But the day after I told them it was like we never had that conversation, they never asked if I wanted to see someone or anything like that. I tried again a couple of months later but the whole time I was talking about it felt like they were ignoring me. I was going to tell the teacher that I think I had social anxiety but I was too scared and still am about what they would think of me and if they would do the exact same thing as my parents. I'm very shy and introvert and I panic when I have to answer the phone or talk to someone, I sometimes get told off or shouted at because I'm too scared to answer the phone or go into town or ask a person something. I think some of my social anxiety is because of the dermatillomania, I won't talk much about this since this isn't the right place but I pick a lot and the top half of my body is usually red with scabs and blood sometimes, so because of this and my acne I'm too scared to go outside, I'm very paranoid and whenever I'm out I always think people are talking badly about me and judging me constantly, I usually feel ashamed of myself as soon as I'm out the house. If someone could give me advice or wants to ask me a question about this you're more than welcome, like I said before my diagnosis is not official so if you think I don't have social anxiety please tell me and I'm sorry for waisting your time of this website. And I'm also sorry for my terrible grammar.

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Don't worry you'll be okay . Try talking to a counselor at school . I know it's hard but you must do it to seek help. I know the feeling of feeling alone and having no one to talk to. Please find help your life is worth living . I think I get social anxiety too , I don't like being in crowds and I'm get scared talking to people . I think they judge me :/. Hope you seek the help you need and don't give up on yourself have faith and always hope for answers . :)