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Severe anxiety about sleeping

So i have been having this crazy scary feeling when i am trying to fall asleep. Its like just before i slip off into "unconsciousness" my brain like freaks and sends a jolt through my body. Its sort of feels like your falling or something. My heart starts racing and i get really hot. It started thursday and todays sunday. Thursday i was able to fall asleep on my own although it was tough, and then friday i had to take two benadril and my mom gave me a lorazepam and after about an hour i again luckily fell asleep. Well last night i didn't get any sleep at all and this feelings just overcoming me with severe anxiety i feel like I'm dying, and like its all i can think about!! Its very scary and i'm reading all these horrible things like fatal familial insomnia and stuff thinking i have a prion disease or something :(. if i don't sleep tonight or this feeling persists I'm going to a doctor ASAP. Just wondering any one has had this feeling before. Please let me know any info thanks! Not getting any sleep really sucks.

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Hi there, I suffer from severe anxiety and panic attacks ESPECIALLY at night! I go through the same thoughts you do! I think if I fall asleep I will never wake up! Or I might become paralysed and will never be able to move again! My mind almost tortures me! I've tried taking different medications that would calm me down before sleep, but non had ever worked. So I gave up! And started to look for symptoms of diseases that I was convinced I had. But its mostly anxiety that causes it. And insomnia. Don't worry many people suffer from it. Its somewhat normal! Message me if you need anyone to talk to!


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