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Can anxiety make you hurt?

I have constant pains in my arms, back, stomach, head and the list goes on. I'm really concerned I've been to five doctors they do blood tests only and say I'm fine. I shouldn't hurt and feel nauseous it's been 24/7 since may. It's a constant thought in my head that I could really be dying. please if anyone could give me some advice it would be greatly appreciated.

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Anxiety do hurt , but that because your body is tense . To help relaxes your body and mind is bikram yoga . You should really try it and it's also meditation for the soul .

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Hi Curious5,

I'm sorry to hear about your troubles. The short answer is yes - anxiety can give rise to sensations of physical discomfort and pain that have no discernible cause from disease or physical trauma.

Nausea can be a common symptom of anxiety.

You've done the right thing by trying to identify the causes of your pain by eliminating the likelihood that they have a real physical origin. Five doctors is a lot of opinion!

Have you taken the question you've posted here to any of these doctors? If so, what is their response and how are you being helped with anxiety? Have any of the doctors confirmed you have anxiety and talked to you about it? I'm thinking that to give rise to the pains you describe it must be reasonably severe and so some structured help is important.

I hope this helps.



Absolutely! Try seeing an Acupuncurist. It's amazing and it does work.


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