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Anxiety/disease that is getting worse help!!!!

Im 16 and posted a few weeks ago as i have been feeling really ill recently and convinced i have a disease, i have been told i have anxiety but i cant believe it i just feel so ill, my symptoms are dizziness/lightheaded for most of the day, general feeling of being ill, headaches but the worst thing is just feeling like i am dying,I really need help i have recentky gone to hospital 7 times in the last few weeks and i have been prescibed beta blockers which dont help please can someone talk to me and tell me what is happening, thank you


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Hello Brad,

Just don't worry, you are not alone in this Anxiety. The symptoms you mentioned are due to anxiety. It is due to your sensitized nerves which were in stressed condition for more time. Anxiety is not an illness, it is a condition which came. Just enjoy the moments, i am sure nothing will happen to you. And you will recover.

i am also having anxiety and having the same symptoms for last 6 months.

one thing more brad, key to success in anxiety is when you feel these symptoms, then dont react to them by rushing towards hospital and doctors. Because Anxiety and Fear and friends, when you feel anxious then fearing brings more anxiety. For example, Anxiety is fire and Fear is petrol, when you fear, it mean you are adding petrol to fire and it gets worse.

If you like reading books, then must read a book " At Last A Life" By paul David. This book reduced my anxiety form 100 to 30%.

Hope this will Help you Brad.


Arif Marri


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