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Health Anxiety or a Disease?

Hi i am new to this and i was just looking for advice and help as recentky i have no been feeling myself. I am 16 years old and have recently started paniking about my health i have had 4 ekgs and a blood test which came back normal and have been rushed to hosital on 3 occassions. My symptoms seem to be getting worse day by day.

Firstly when i wake up in the morning a feel really tired as if i havent slept enough even though i know i have had plenty of sleep after this i will be fine for an hour or two after having breakfast but then i will get pain in my cheat that differ from dull aches that come and go and sharp pains when i breathe which really worry me, i also keep checking my heart constantly as i have had palpitations before and that was one of the reasons i was rushed to hospital but since i have been checking my heart i am worried it isnt beating enough. Also at times i feel nauseated but i never vomit, the main worry for me though is i get really dizzy for no reason it nostly happen when i leave my house i just dont feel normal most of the time like there is something wrong inside me. Finally the worst part is in the evening before i go to bed this is when will get pains in my chest, shoulder, arms and neck and will feel very dizzy and this is when i panic most and go to the hospital i am really really worried.

Any form of reply would really help me and if anyone has a similar problem i would like to talk about it and see how they manage it thank you for reading this 


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I've had all of this and Nope, it's anxiety. Fun anxiety. Nothing detrimental.