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I don't know what to do

Well I'm 16 year old girl and ive been suffering with horrible anxiety for the past 2 months. I get very nauseated and my heart races. For a while I wouldn't even leave my house and I also have etomphobia (fear of vomit) and a lot of my people started to get the stomach bug so I wouldn't even go to school which made my anxiety a lot worse. Well for the past week or so I've been fine and now it's just hitting me again. The hot flashes nausea and my heart feels like it beating out of my chest. I could use prayers and some advise please

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I aplogise for only just finding you message today.

I suggest you go and talk to your family GP. Perhaps take someone along for support for you. The symptoms you describe are consistent with anxiety. Depending on where you live your GP should be able to offer you a range of help that goes beyond just medications.

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Message me if you like :) I got anxiety when I was 15 and I'm 23 now x


Hi, I hope you're improving by now. i share a similar phobia. i have found that ginger tablets from the pharmacy help me- they can help with nausea. Also peppermint tea or ginger ale. Deep breathing through your stomach can also help reduce your heart rate which could help the panic. Even some calming music may help. let us know how you are going- I can definitely relate and know it's very unnerving.


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