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Anxiety is driving me nuts

I didn't have any anxiety until I made my first big move across the country after college and it's a year and a half since. I have moved since then as well. Some day's I'm good, and others I'm a disaster. I used to be a social butterfly and when I moved I felt sick when eating with people I didn't know that well, id get so nervous a ball in the back of my throat and just not good. I think it all started when I first had to say goodbye to all my friends to move. I felt so sick, couldn't sleep, threw up, I didn't want to face it. I stopped hanging out with everyone like I used to cause I wouldn't fell good and id get nervous around people I've known for years. Even to see family and eat would make me shake and feel like disaster. We would have to lie and trick myself about it being a birthday and not a goodbye party. Listening to music some days makes me feel sick too. When I moved the second time I was so nervous to go into work I was crying, I felt sick and everything. Where I work now I don't have much time so I don't have so many friends. The ones I do have when it comes to eating around them I just feel sick. Once I'm comfortable around you I am usually fine. If I'm thrown into a situation last moment or if something doesn't work out as planned my anxiety spikes and I feel like I'm going to fall over, I'm shaking and feeling sick, gagging and everything. I miss being normal. I haven't gone to see anyone about this cause I don't know what to say or how it helps.

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I also get really really hot and have to go somewhere cooler.


I am having the same problem as you am crying all the time thinking am next to die am a terrible mess I carnt listen to music anymore coz I panic about the memories I have my advise to you is go to the doctors and tell them everythin i did and the gave me some calming tablets I have not tried them yet think am goin to take them at night time just incase it's makes me feel tired but u r not alone with this and it is scary and don't feel ashamed neither x