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Can anxiety lead to depression?

I'm 15 and Ive been struggling on and off with some very intense anxiety symptoms the past few months. I feel exhausted 24/7, constant indigestion and my mind seems very fragile and strange. I see the world differently now and it's horrible. I just want my old self back so I can do the things I love and give people proper time and devotion I so desperately want to give. I have my ups but there are few at the moment. Sometimes I go weeks feeling as if this anxiety if finally leaving only for it to come back in different forms, making it harder for me to deal with. To be fair I have made big progress from when I first started. It will scar me for years. The intensity of the mental twisting was awful for me I had never experienced such mental agony. Nothing I looked at looked real. Everything looked scary and weird. Anyway I'm just wondering if this can lead to depression. I've never suffered from depression so i am not sure how it feels etc. but I am truly distraught about how I feel and when I think about my life i feel like I'm going to have a mental breakdown. Just looking for some support or something I'm not really sure haha

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Am going through the same thing Hun everythin u said is excalty what am goin through it's like am goin to die any minute it's crazy it can lead to depression but my advice go to your doctor like I did and tell them everything how u feel and what u think and they wil give something to help you I did and they gave me tablets I have not took those yet but I am goin to start just a bit scared and emotional to do so ha x


Yeah I definitely think they are interrelated. My anxiety symptoms have brought me down and definitely hampered my usual spirit. But just remember how strong you really are. if you let it get the better of you you could get in a real rut! It may be hard, but try to do things that make you feel like your real self- things you've always loved doing. Or even just spend time with family/friends. Being alone will probably make things feel worse. Be assured you're not alone in feeling this way!


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