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Really can't cope!!

Hey everyone. I've been suffering from health anxiety for about 2 and a half months now. It's really getting me down, I was given 50g sertraline which I took every night until I ran out.

Before I started taking sertraline I was getting dizzy spells, chest pains and tingling down my arm and also headaches, I seen doctors multiple of times for them to tell me it's all anxiety.. I been a&e 3 times as well they have done a ECG. I was Coping fine with the sertraline and coping fine until 2 days ago my cusson asked me to go to a party with her which I agreed to, there was many of people there and it was getting over whelming. I convinced my self I was goin to have a head attack! My chest was getting right and I was getting tingling down my arm so I asked to go home which then I started to feel a bit better but ever since that night I keep thinking somets wrong with me AGAIN! I'm 18 and got a 2 year old to look after I just am generally finding it hard to cope :(

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H Beth

It sounds awful for you and not surprisingly you're struggling with how you feel, including feeling physical impacts.

I believe you need to have a wider conversation with your doctor, making him/her fully aware of how you're feeling and the impacts on your life. If you can take along someone you trust as a support person and agree with them in advance what you want them to do or say with your doctor. You may want them to add weight to what you have to say or you may want them to simply listen so you can talk to them afterwards about what your doctor said and did.

Any prescription drugs will mask your symptoms but won't deal with the causes and so they just buy you time. Depending on where in the world you're living your doctor may be able to refer you for other forms of help, which could include, for example, cognitive behavioural therapy if anxiety of or depression are indicated.

Have a look too on the internet to see if their are non-government organisations in your area that provide support - they can be brilliant in helping you understand what you're experiencing and the many ways to deal with it.

Finally, you're very young and it would be easy for you to feel you're the only young person on the planet that has this shitty experience. Please don't, the symptoms you describe are very common (15% of the adult population in any one year) and they are able to be effectively dealt with given some time and specific help.

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Thankyou for ur reply.. It is horrible everyday I wake up I am constantly looking for symptoms and if I convince my self I have something then automatically the symptoms appear put the blue for example if I think I have a brain tumour I will start gettin head aches dizzy and all this and then it could switch to something else and the other symptoms go away if that makes any sence. My mum keeps telling me I'm really young and I should be enjoying my life but it is extremely difficult to enjoy ur life worrying every minute of the day except from when I'm sleeping!

I feel a bit better noing I'm not alone and that other people go through this daily too.

I've been referred by my doctor to have cognitive brhavioual therapy. It's only just started tho so I will see how that goes:)


Hi, I was put on the same medication but only one tablet effected me so much that I could not taken them, as I have now tried reiki which is really good to balance out your chakra.

I have only had the anxiety for 4 months and I think I am tying to stay calm and avoid places that will bring thwm on, I also have a son of 4 so I know you need to carry on but do take time for you. X