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I'm so scared

Idk what's going on with me right now my body feels so weird it feels like my ears are plugged and feels like I have a 100 lbs of pressure sitting on my chest... I don't want to sound crazy but I literally feel like I'm gonna die i don't feel right... I don't know if i should go to the Dr i don't want them to think I'm crazy and if i go it might make it worse i feel so lost and scared... What do i do

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Hi Kashs

Definitely see your doctor sooner rather than later. Don't be put off by what other people might think, any GP should take your symptoms seriously.

Good luck.


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How are you now

Did you visit a doctor or not

It is better to check and be sure that nothing is serious there or just a panic attack

Hope you are better today

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I have panic attack too! first attack for me I was 27 yrs old. I cant imagine the feeling so weird. I feel That day Im going to die. Until finally, I visit to the doctor and medicate me prozac in combination of xanor or diazepam. He advise me to use tranquilizer if necessarily. For a months ago , I stop suddenly the drug what my doctor prescribe me. I thought it was fine because I never feel unusual symptoms.However, just last november 2013 my depression came back and panic attack strike again. I really feel so bad feeling again to die at a time. So , I try look another doctor to consult and relay to him the true information details in my real history. This time, he prescribe me if you familiar with VALDOXAN and now I am using it daily until my depression cured. It will be cure a months or a year according to my doctor. If you ask me, Its good medicine because I feel it works for me and medicate me since I started this drugs. KASH, please go to see a Psychiatrist consultant and follow what tells you. If you feel the very bad feelings , whay you do , practice to your self exercise deep breathing by inhale and exhale very very deep. It helps. Good luck kash.


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