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Hi, I had my first panic attack 3 days ago and I'm feeling really worried as it has come out of no where. I've now been having them regularly during the day and at night and I'm too scared to sleep and lose control. I've been into A and E twice thinking that there is something wrong with my heart, and have found that the only way I'm reassured everything is ok is by being close to medical professionals. If anyone has any advice or an experience similar to mine it would be great to hear from you. Up until 2 days ago I was a perfectly healthy and happy 27 year old, I don't want to feel this way!!!

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Hi Kiral

Panic attacks are a stress response, they feel awful but they won't kill you. Ask you GP's surgery for help. It may be also that learning breathing and relaxation techniques and things like mindfulness will help you. Take some time to learn about the nature of your anxiety, what triggers you and why.



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