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Feel sick all day, every day

I feel sick as soon as i wake up till i go to bed. Every time i try to eat in the mornings i just belch and also i shake a lot and my hair falls out. My stomach also bloats for no reason, even if i'm not drinking or eating anything at the time. I panic all the time, even if i try to calm myself down i'm still shaking and feeling really sick. i'm definitely not pregnant and i'm 16 and weigh 7' 9 st and am 5ft 4. I don't know what to do as my doctor said eat small regular meals, but i can't even eat toast let alone small meals. I also went to a physcology doctor who understood that i get bouts of nausea and sometimes it's so bad, that i have a watery feeling in my throat which i know is sick. She also wondered if i ate, i don't deliberately skip meals, i mainly don't feel like eating breakfast. I had an eating disorder when i was 11-13 but then i never felt sick back then only dizzy and had heart palpitations. My mum went to the doctors with me back then and the woman basically threatened me saying that if i didn't started eating properly i'd be put into hospital i was 5ft ' 1 and 6st 13 lbs which i think is normal for an 11 yr old to be that but i went down to 6 st at 12. I have bowel movements 3 times a day, mostly loose probably from panicking so much that my stomach just gets out all the food that i eat. I also deal with stress when i go to school, i get bullied every day and no matter how much i try to deal with it by standing up for myself and telling staff, it's no use. They still pick on me and i think this is one of the reasons why i mostly feel like i'm gonna vomit on school days because i worry what's going to happen.

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Hello Amber

I'm really sorry to hear that you are feel so awful and about your experiences. You deserve better than this and you should be able to attend school safely, without being bullied. You have many symptoms of anxiety and it's not surprising given your experience at school, it's reasonable for you to expect that the school addresses this and hopefully your parents can play a role in ensuring this happens.

I remember when my eldest son was around your age he was terribly bullied at school, I remember him coming home early one afternoon in despair, he'd been bullied seven times so far that day! We got it sorted out but that included a change of school, which isn't always practicable. Anyway things changed for the better and he now has a wonderful and successful life doing a job he loves. The message is that it can look really dark and hopeless when its happening to you but as you get older you will gradually assume more control over your own life and become the person who decides what your day's going to be like.

It would be helpful to know which country you're in, because we are based in New Zealand and understand what the health and educations systems can offer here but have little knowledge about what is available elsewhere. So, perhaps you could email us on: -



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Amber my heart bleeds for u no matter what u think or u feel like now you will get over this I promise.... Have you not got a really gd friend you can talk to.

I had the same symptoms as you recently I have lost 1st 3 llb in 3 months with anxiety I found speaking to my doctor helped she put me on amtriptolene which stopped my bowels emptying I could nt travel anywhere not even to the local shop .... Now I can I am now looking at citrlapram for my anxiety speak to your doctor ... You need inner strength and someone to talk to there is a light at the end of the tunnel I promise xx and for as for your school not helping you it should b named and shamedxx


Thank you for the advice :)


Anyone use meds for?

please reply..


Hello amber 12 , I used to here that a lot I found sometimes I couldn't eat at all because I felt so sick, and then it made the sickness feeling worse because I had an empty tummy, so when I was sick I had nothing to bring up and that then caused pain in my tummy muscles and felt really tired, I went to the doctors and they did a few tests and I'm on medication the problem I had was when Rte my body produces too much acid but it doesn't break down food quick enough when I had a mouthful of food I felt full and felt I couldn't eat Ginger biscuits helped and plenty of water, pain rich yea also I was advised to by these salt drinks they replenished the salt in your body hope this helps x