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Lack of Sleep (topical subject!)

I suffer from sleeping problems. I don't have any problems falling asleep, I fall asleep quickly and go into a deep sleep for a couple of hours. Then I'm aware that I am dreaming or thinking about totally irrelevant things which ultimately cause me to either, wake up gasping for breath or, kicking the mattress violently. Sometimes this reoccurs every single time I fall asleep that particular night. Eventually, exhausted, I finally fall asleep for another few hours and wake again about 1 or two hours before I am due to get up. I can then fall into a deep sleep again until I get up. Sometimes the first time I wake up can EXACTLY 1:30am and this can be repeated night after night. Obviously there is something subconsciously affecting my sleep and causing me to wake at the same time. This is drastically affecting my quality of life as I'm not getting enough sleep and sometimes I don't know if I can hack this much longer.

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Hi Skintight,

How awful. I'm really sorry to hearing that you're going through this. I wish I had the answers but I can't possibly understand why this happening, and evidently you don't either. Please arrange and emergency appointment with your GP and tell them exactly what is happening. They might be able to get some counselling for you, and at least, in the meantime, prescribe you something to help ease the night time symptoms. You can't go on like this. Disrupted sleep has a very negative impact on our well being.

Regarding kicking the mattress, I'm wondering if RLS is exacerbating this so maybe you should consider doing some stretching exercises (pointing your toes towards your knees), to tire your body down to reduce the extent of your body movements when you wake up in the night.

Also, try having a box (like a money box), a small notebook and pen by your bed - and write down any worries your have on the page, remove, and slip them in the box, before you go to sleep, so they're stored away, ready to deal with in the morning.

Good luck and gentle (((hugs)))

I hope you have a good night's sleep tonight.

wanderingwallflower xx


Thanks Fay for your suggestions and kind words. It's much appreciated. xxx


Hi it's no problem at all. :) I hope it gets sorted soon. Take care and I'm only a message away if you if you need anything.

soft (((hugs))) xxxx



I too suffer with sleep problems and have very vivid dreams. Would recommend that you goto see your GP, mine told me to keep a sleep diary and then I was referred to a sleep clinic at a local hospital.

Jules x