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yay and finally im here, hope ur all ok

for the last hour ive created two new email addresses and tried to get on here this is the 2nd account ive created lol the other one as gotta be deleted. my old email address wudnt work haven't a clue y. wen ever I tried to sign back in it was telling me it was invalid information. well I made it here in the end. a change of name to from donaf. my nickname that all my mates call me is dizzy cuz im dippy lol :-) its my fb name donna dizzy and even my pets vet call it me now.

hope ur all ok anyway, and happy to here finally xxx

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Mine was doing that keep trying it will let you in eventually


Hi all, i was going to create a new account too as found I can't log on with email address, but can using my username. Im hoping that's a tip but may only work for me!



Lovely to see you , I like this one better than the other one , this one is running better as well , I cant post or read posts on the uk site

My anxiety is getting worse , don't no if I am coming or going

A friendly face though is nice to see

Hi Rob as well , nice to see you to





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